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25Live: Space and Event Scheduling

Open House RodeoWhat is 25Live?

Academic courses, events, and university-wide special events are scheduled through 25Live, the space and event scheduling software used at Cal Poly. In doing so, campus personnel are made aware of events and activities taking place on campus throughout the day. This is important not only for safety considerations, but also to ensure adequate service and support is provided to the campus community. In order to view events and space information in 25Live, users must authenticate using their Cal Poly username and password. If you are an external entity, please contact Cal Poly Conference and Event Planning for assistance.

  • 25Live provides a centralized system for scheduling and initiating workflow to support activities and events on campus, while also allowing individual scheduling entities to maintain policies managed by auxiliary campus partners.
  • 25Live provides a tool for automatically publishing calendars to the web.
  • Members of the campus community may use 25Live to view location information and check availability during the planning process.

Campus Locations

For images, diagrams, and features associated with campus locations, visit the Details tab for that particular space in 25Live. Popular Campus Locations Include:

Advanced Technology (Keck) Laboratories and Lobby (No. 7) 
Capacity: 175

  • The ATL is generally reserved for events related to the College of Engineering.
  • Due to proximity to nearby working laboratory space, amplified sound is not permitted.
  • The room is set in a standard configuration. It is the event host's responsibility to return the room to the standard configuration.
  • The College of Engineering makes all arrangements for locking and unlocking the facility.
  • If the event includes food service, the event host is required to order trash receptacles and make appropriate arrangements with Facilities Management and Development.

Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre, Lawn and Patio (No. 44) 
Capacity (Theatre): 486  |  Capacity (Lawn): 200  |  Capacity (Patio): 500

  • Use of Spanos Theatre Lawn and Patio are generally reserved in connection with or support of events occurring in Spanos Theatre.

Bonderson Engineering Project Center (No. 197)
Capacity: 75

  • The Bonderson Engineering Project Center is generally reserved for events related to the College of Engineering.
  • The College of Engineering makes all arrangements for locking and unlocking the facility.

Cal Poly “P”

  • Reservations must be made prior to activity using approved scheduling protocol.

Department Managed Laboratories, Conference Rooms, and Teaching Spaces

  • In the instance an event is hosted in a department-managed location, the designated scheduling entity must receive approval for use of space, in writing, no less than one week prior to the event.
  • All requests to lock or unlock the space must be made directly with the department which manages the space.

Mott Athletic Center (No. 42)
Capacity: 3,032

  • The primary use of this space is for academic and athletic activities approved by Cal Poly Athletics.
  • Charges may be incurred when using these facilities as an event space.

Outdoor Space

  • The University works with groups to provide guidelines and recommendations to ensure events are compliant with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Additional charges may be incurred by the event host in order to make an outdoor location ADA accessible.
  • Most outdoor areas do not have Wi-Fi access.

Performing Arts Center (No. 06, Harold Miossi Hall, Pavilion, Lobbies)
Capacity (Miossi): 1,281  |  Capacity (Pavilion): 220 
Capacity (Main Lobby): 144  |  Capacity (Balcony Lobby): 120 
Capacity (Founders Room): 32  |  Capacity (Gallery Lobby): 40

  • Campus non-performance requests for use of space are generally evaluated three (3) months prior to the event.
  • An Event Information form must be submitted prior to location confirmation.
  • Charges apply, including administrative fees and technical labor costs.

Pools/Aquatic Facilities

  • One or more lifeguards will be assigned.
  • Charges may be incurred.

Spanos Stadium (No.61)

  • Use of Spanos Stadium is reserved for exclusive use by Cal Poly Athletics.

University Lecture Rooms

  • Academic classes have priority in University Lecture Rooms.
  • Rooms are available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis through the established scheduling process.
  • Rooms are available for scheduling between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 pm., Sunday through Saturday.

University Union and Recreation Center (Nos. 65 and 43)
Capacity (Chumash): 996  |  Capacity (Recreation Center): 1,570; gyms vary

  • Requests for use of space are evaluated based on priority scheduling.
  • Due to schedule of support services, designated timeframes are established for approval of reservations, anywhere from three (3) days to fourteen (14) days.
  • Refer to the Forms and Policies section of the ASI website for additional information.
  • Charges may be incurred when using these facilities.

Upper and Lower Sport Complex

  • Use of these locations may require Sports Complex Use Committee (SCUC) approval.
  • SCUC meets monthly. Reservations must be entered in a timely manner so considerations by the SCUC may be addressed.
  • Use of the Sports Complex requires scheduling of a Field Supervisor.
  • Additional charges may be incurred.

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