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Event Policies

career fairWhether large or small, planning a campus event can be challenging if you don't have the right tools. The following is a list of campus policies that should be consulted to ensure your event is conducted in a safe and compliant manner. 

Campus Administrative Policies

These high-level policies provide information, guidelines, and governing regulations associated with campus operations:

  • CAP 140: Free Expression, Sponsorship, Commercialism and Use of Buildings and Grounds
  • CAP 171 Smoking Policy: In accordance with CSU Executive Order (EO) 1108, Cal Poly is a smoke and tobacco-free environment
  • CAP 172: Alcohol Policy: Policy associated with the use of alcohol at events
    • Alcohol Service Request: On and off-campus events which involve alcohol must complete, submit, and receive an approved alcohol service request

Campus Risk and Liability

The following areas provide information related to hosting safe events on campus:

  • Risk Management: Responsibilities, considerations, and resources to minimize avoidable risk
  • Food Safety: When food is an element associated with an event, compliance with applicable provisions of the California Health and Safety Code must be enforced

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